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Am I?
  • Mood: Tired
These last two weeks dragged for me.

Last week I was almost done with getting the store ready for today in terms of organizing the back issues and boxes, when a woman came in with some stuff she wanted to sell to Squiggy. She'd been in the week before saying she had "a couple" of boxes of comics from a dead uncle, and she came in with THIRTEEN boxes of stuff. I had to look through all those boxes and organize everything, which included a lot of bad 90s American manga comics and furry porn. I had to check to make sure everything had their pages intact, and this guy, for some reason, tore the pages out of a lot of the comics we got. There were also a lot of Disney comics ranging from the 1940s to now, old DC, Marvel, and Gold Key comics, and a lot of kids comics as well as some children's books.

I had to work on that while also still working on getting the store ready, which included finishing up the back issue organizing and the dollar rack, putting together 8 dollar bundle packs, and organizing sets in the display case to sell. I was in 4 days last week and I was in 5 days this week including today. I missed the nursing home today and, despite the fact that it wasn't really agonizing or anything, I wish I'd been paid more.

Spending so much time at the store has really sucked the energy out of me to focus on anything else. I like that I've been getting paid more, but I haven't had the energy to do food shopping, cleaning, or focus on getting any writing done. The only free days I've had from the store I've had nursing home work, a home improvement job with my dad (which had us getting yelled at), and going to Lehman College to donate blood.

I don't have to go back to the store until Tuesday. I just don't want to do anything the next couple of days.
  • Mood: Tired
It was one of the coldest nights of the year, and even at the headquarters of the Titans, the former teen superheroes all grown up, there was a bitter chill pervading the night. The heating system had been badly damaged due to an attack from the newly reformed Dark Nemesis, and unfortunately, repairs wouldn’t be finished until the next day. Even worse, this was the third day of March and a record breaking snowstorm had brought temperatures down to a single digit.
In his room, Roy Harper, the scruffy, redheaded archer known as Arsenal, snoozed under four blankets in maroon mesh pajama pants, an oversized football jersey for the Oljato Coyotes, and thick socks. When suddenly…
“Psst. Psssst!” A voice went.
“s too early for school…” Roy mumbled in his sleep and turned on his side.
“Roy! Roy wake up!” The voice said more forcefully, this time extending a hand to shake Roy out of his slumber. Roy’s eyes fluttered to life but fought back against the threat of awakening.
“Donna what?” Roy muttered, squinting up at his teammate and girlfriend, Donna Troy, the Amazonian Troia. She had on a starry bathroom robe held tightly, black sweatpants, and fuzzy polar bear slippers on. “What time is it?”
“It’s 2:14 in the morning.” Donna mentioned in a low voice. She eyed the digital clock casting a red shadow on the drum kit that read “GREAT FROG” in the room. Roy rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.
“Babe I’m too tired to do anything right now. “ He waved her away. “If you want in the morning we can-”
“I’m not here for THAT, Romeo.” Donna said in a louder voice.
“Then what? Wait, did something happen?” The thought of some emergency shook Roy wide awake. “Is Lian okay?”
“No nothing like that.” Donna assured him. “Scooch over.”
“Please scooch over.” She motioned with her hands. “The heat in the Tower still isn’t working.”
“So just get another blanket.” Roy yawned.
“I had three already.” Donna explained.
“Then what do you expect me to do about it?” Roy quizzed.
“Well,” Donna cleared her throat, “I just figured it’d be warmer in here, since you’re so much more…”
Donna trailed off.
“More what.” Roy deadpanned.
“Better insulated for this kind of weather.” Donna said in an offhand manner to avoid being insulting towards the fact that Roy had gained a couple dozen extra pounds and had since gained new status as “the big Titan.” Which, technically, was a nickname he’d already kind of had in certain circles. If you know what I mean.
“You woke me up just to try out better code words for ‘fat?’” Roy accused.
“Just move over.” Donna impatiently sighed, before forcing herself into Roy’s bed and making him shift his hefty body over.
“Hey!” Roy resisted.
“In the morning we can do whatever you want before breakfast.” Donna settled in under Roy’s blankets. “But in the shower. Where it’s warm.”
“Damn you for knowing my one true weakness.” Roy said.
“Yes yes, the sexing is your kryptonite. Now good night.” Donna closed her eyes and tried to settle back into sleep.
“Ahem.” Roy prodded her, poking her cheek with his index finger.
“What?” Donna shot one eye open.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” Roy asked.
“I thought you were too tired for-“
“’Why thank you Roy, for the fact that your extra large gut have allowed me to avoid freezing my beautiful Amazonian butt off during one of the coldest nights of the year.’” Roy said in a very unflattering impersonation of Donna.
“…me and my beautiful Amazonian butt thank you and your extra large gut.” Donna deadpanned in response, before wrapping her arms around Roy’s midsection in an effort to snuggle up with him.
“Alright then.” Roy accepted.

“Roy? Roy are you-oh crap.”
Another visitor had intruded in Roy’s room.
“Whaaaaat?” Roy moaned, throwing off his blankets and sitting up to see who was standing in the doorway.
“What time is it? Dick? What is it?” Donna groaned and woke up, looking up to see that it was Dick Grayson, their acrobatic teammate called Nightwing, wearing two thermal shirts and sweatpants decorated in little robins. He hadn’t expected to find Donna in Roy’s bed, sleeping beside him with her hands wrapped around his waist.
“Sorry I, uh,” Dick scratched the back of his head, looking as awkward as he felt, “didn’t know you guys were-“
“We haven’t done anything.” Donna stated as she pulled up more blankets around herself to keep warm.
“You don’t need to be so adamant about it.” Roy said in a tone of mock hurt.
“Can I scoot in?” Dick innocently asked to break the tensions in the moment.
“No.” Roy didn’t miss a beat.
“In case you guys haven’t noticed it’s freezing tonight and-what do you mean-“ Dick quickly tried to say.
“No.” Roy refused once more.
“But Roy it’s-“
Roy got up, grabbed the clock off the night table, and practically shoved it in Dick’s face.
“Please?” Dick held his hands up in a gesture of pleading with big puppy dog eyes. “I wouldn’t even be asking but you’re-“
“Yes better insulated I know.” Roy once more finished Dick’s sentence in a huff.
“No.” Roy scowled.
“I’ll be your best friend.” Dick offered.
“You are his best friend.” Donna reminded everyone.
“I’ll get you a date with Huntress.” Dick bargained.
“You hate Huntress.” Roy crossed his arms in annoyance.
“So is that a yes?” Dick hopefully asked.
“YES FINE WHATEVER JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME SLEEP.” Roy shouted, throwing his hands up in protest.
“Can you stop yelling please?” Donna asked. A quick glare from Roy shut her right up.
“So, um…” Dick tried to ask.
“Just get in here.” Roy sighed in defeat as he plopped back down onto the bed next to Donna and pulled the sheets back over himself.
“Thank you.” Dick climbed in to the bed.

A half hour later, a small hand tugged at Roy’s feet.
“Daddy?” A tiny voice whispered.
Roy’s daughter, Lian, stood in front of the bed. She was wearing winter pajamas decorated in snowflakes, and holding a stuffed turtle to her chest. She was surprised to see that her aunt Donna was on one side of the bed, her uncle Dick on the other, with Roy in-between them.
“Daddy?” Lian whispered a bit louder this time and tugged a bit more harder to get her father’s attention.
Roy sat up. Blinked a couple of times, and then yawned.
“Lian? Honey what is it?” Roy asked quietly.
“It’s too cold in my room. Can I sleep with you?” She asked.
“Sure.” Roy smiled without missing a beat. “But, there’s not a lot of room.”
Lian suddenly looked determined, and surprised her father by managing to wedge herself in between him and Donna with only a couple of mild grunts of annoyance from the Amazonian Titan.
“I stand corrected.” Roy smirked.
“Thanks daddy.” Lian whispered. “Ooh, you’re so warm.”
“That’s what everyone’s been telling me.”
“G’night daddy.”
“G’night, Etai Yazi.”
Titans - The Coldest Night
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics.

This was a gift for a friend on twitter and tumblr whom is doing a couple of pieces for me concerning Arsenal. I decided to do something cute concerning Roy and Lian with a couple of others.
The two creatures had suddenly emerged from the pencil in Hiromi’s hand, taking on the form of crisscrossing blue and red energy circling around her. The young animator suddenly fainted when the energy beams shot off into the sky and, in a blinding display, took on the forms of two young women. One had blue skin, the other scarlet. Their ears were pointed and they had long tails. They definitely were not human.
These were the creatures called Castor and Pollux, said to be two of the strongest creatures trained by Nephrite of the Dark Kingdom. Of course, the Sailor Soldiers did not know this, only that it was time to transform and stop these abominations from claiming the life and energy of an innocent human being. Castor and Pollux, however, had other ideas.
“We are bound-“ Castor began.
“By a strong friendship!” Pollux finished. It seemed for these two youma that finishing the sentence one began would be a thing for the moment. Ugh, twin stereotypes. But what can you do? I mean, other than get out of the way when Castor inexplicably uses Fire Soul on the Sailor Soldiers!
“Was that my attack?!” Sailor Mars indignantly screamed.
“And that’s not all!” Castor triumphantly shouted.
She turned around and the Senshi saw that Pollux was striking a pose very similar to the ones Sailor Mercury would make every time she used-
“SHABON SPRAY!” Pollux roared, and the Senshi very nearly avoided a jet stream of bubbles that seemed far more concussive in the nature compared to ANY time Mercury herself performed it.
“And they can use mine as well, this isn’t good.” Mercury observed. “Keep moving!”
Castor and Pollux began repeating the onslaught of double attacks, not giving the Senshi an opportunity to use their attacks as a defense. Running was the only defense they had, but being trapped on the roof of the animation studio, they didn’t have to far to go.
“We can’t just keep going in circles like this!” Sailor Mars pointed out. “Mercury can’t you think of something?!”
“If I had a moment to stop I would but I can’t concentrate with this onslaught!” Sailor Mercury worried exclaimed.
“Thank God you guys only have one attack each or we’d be done for by now!” Sailor Moon tried to offer a shred of relief.
“Am I supposed to take that from someone who’s only power is throwing her tiara?!” Sailor Mars got in Moon’s face.
“That’s it!” A lightbulb shone above Mercury’s head.
“FIRE SOUL!” Castor exclaimed once more, and the Senshi just barely avoided another wave of flames.
“Stop copying us that’s grounds for a lawsuit! Wait do we even have a lawyer?” Sailor Moon wondered.
“Sailor Moon, they may have our powers but they can only use our attacks one at a time!” Sailor Mercury pointed out.
“So if one of us distracts them, it might give us a chance to start a counter-attack.” Mercury continued.
“Oh that’s great! So, um, how do we do thaaaaaaaAAAHHH!!”
“Keep moving or they’ll kill you!” Mars criticized after pulling Moon out of the way of another bubble attack.
“Don’t yell at me like I’m stupid I know what to do!”
“If you did then maybe I wouldn’t have to yell at you!”
“Guys stop it! This is getting us nowhere!”
“Listen to Sailor Mercury you two or else those monsters will win!” Luna piped in.
“Ahahahahahaha!!!” Castor and Pollux mocked. “Stupid humans, of course we’re going to win!”
“Because our bond of friendship is stronger than no other.”
“Look at you three, squabbling in the dirt like vermin.” Castor sneered.
“It’s a miracle you’ve managed to survive this long in battle.” Pollux insulted.
“We always agree on everything and we never argue.” Castor mentioned.
“Real friends always get along and support each other no matter what.” Pollux flaunted.
“And now-“
“-Your miracle ENDS!” The twins completed this together.
“I’ve had enough of this.” Sailor Mars ran from the others with clenched fists and a flame in her eyes.
“Wait Sailor Mars what’re you doing?!” Sailor Moon cried out in fear.
“Hey ugly! Over here!” Sailor Mars challenged the twin monsters directly.
“What did you call us?!” Castor was highly offended by that remark.
“You heard me I said ugly, or do your peanut-sized brains make you incapable of listening properly?”
“Why you-“ Pollux could hardly believe the nerve of this human, when suddenly, the soldier of flames took out an Ofuda Scroll.
“Rin, Pyou, Tou-“
“She thinks she can fight back!” Castor found this hilarious.
“Suicidal fool!”
“No Mars what is she doing?” Sailor Moon couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“Buying us time, Sailor Mercury go!” Luna ordered.
“Right. SHABON…
“Kai, Jin, Retsu-“ Mars was almost down.
“SAILOR MARS NO!” Moon let out a horrified scream and ran to her companion in high heels.
“No, don’t!” Luna called after her.
With that, Sailor Mercury used her attack the way it was meant to be used, as a smoke screen to distract the villains. At the moment Mercury had launched her bubbles, Moon had only just managed to throw herself at Mars and get her out of the way from Castor’s Fire Soul attack.
“What is this?!” The twin monsters screamed.
“Sailor Moon, what are you doing?! You could’ve been killed!” Sailor Mars chastised her teammate.
“YOU could’ve been killed!” Sailor Moon replied, looking incredibly scared and relieved Mars was okay. “I-I couldn’t just stand there and let you get burned alive. We’re in this together, aren’t we?”
“Damn it where are they?!” Castor tried waving the fog away.
“Show yourself, cowards!” Pollux ordered.
“Sailor Moon! Use your tiara while they’re distracted!” Mercury told Moon, who suddenly realized this was an opening.
“There!” The twin monsters had started to clear the fog away, but not before Sailor Moon had managed to remove her tiara and begin her signature attack.
The tiara went flying towards the horrified monsters, but instead of destroying them , it destroyed their conjoined tails and shattered their so-called unbreakable bond.
“Our bond! What did you do?!” Castor couldn’t believe what she’d seen.
“How, but, I thought our bond was unbreakable.” Pollux practically whimpered as she looked in horror at hers and Castor’s mangled appendages. The long ends of their tails had been hacked off and obliterated by the energy of Sailor Moon’s tiara. Pollux felt the energy drain right out of her. She’d never felt so vulnerable in her life. And she didn’t know what was worse, the fact that she wasn’t linked to Castor anymore, or the fact that Castor didn’t seem to care in the slightest beyond her initial outrage. She seemed to have completely forgotten Pollux was there.
“Oh no, it didn’t destroy them.” Sailor Moon was scared once more.
“But it severed their link. Now we have a chance.” Sailor Mercury was stone cold about this.
“You think I needed to be bonded to take care of rats like you?” Castor barked.
“’I?’ Did you just say I?” Pollux couldn’t believe her companion’s words.
“Better be ready to put your money where your mouth is, ladies.” Sailor Mars defied them with a haughty expression.
“Well then, let’s-“
“Forget it, I’m leaving.” Pollux cut off Castor.
“What?” Another shock for Castor. “You can’t leave!”
“Why shouldn’t I?” Pollux huffed. “Without our bond we’re not strong enough to fight them. Besides, you seem pretty confident enough to take them on by yourself.”
“Hmph. Maybe that’s because I AM more powerful than you! You want to run go right ahead by I’m not leaving until they’re dead!” Castor pushed Pollux away as if trying to make her leave.
“YOU are more powerful than ME?” The nerve of Castor for flat out saying it! “You’ve really deluded yourself into thinking that?”
“Oh please,” Castor laughed, “I’ve been doing most of the attacks tonight anyway, just like in practice, while all you do is stand behind me like a shadow.”
“You wouldn’t even be able to do those attacks if it wasn’t for my power!” Pollux got up in Castor’s face and nearly strangled her. “And the only reason you bother coming to practice at all is so you can show off to Master Nephrite!”
“That’s a lie!” Castor was so sure Pollux never noticed that!
“I’ve seen the way you look at him!”
“At least he notices me!”
Meanwhile, the Sailor Soldiers and Luna were completely forgotten as the two “friends” began jumping down each other’s throats.
“Wow, that, that’s kind of disappointing.” Sailor Mercury was at a near total loss of words over the spectacle considering the two foes had almost killed the trio.
“And they were criticizing our teamwork?” Sailor Mars laughed.
“Right, why don’t we show these losers what real teamwork is all about?” Sailor Moon stood tall and proud as she said this.
“You got it!” Mercury and Mars agreed.
“I should’ve just left you at home.” Castor had her hands around Pollux’s throat.
“Mom broke every rule of parenting the way she favored you!” Pollux grabbed Castor’s hair.
“Huh?” The two sisters suddenly stopped to see who had just yelled at them.
“Real friendship isn’t about blindly going along with what the other person wants or going out of your way to just please them with empty words and gestures.” Sailor Mars declared.
“It’s about supporting the people close to you and being considerate to their thoughts and feelings, while feeling strong enough to make YOUR feelings known to THEM.” Sailor Mercury announced.
“Friends argue and they don’t always agree on everything, but what’s important is that you stick by them when things get rough because they’d do the same for you!” Sailor Moon affirmed. “In the name of friendship, and in the name of the Moon-“
“In the name of Mercury-“
“In the name of Mars-“
And with that, the Sailor Soldiers getting their second wing, the twin youma Castor and Pollux were left helpless as they saw their enemies display REAL teamwork.
The dazzling energy of Sailor Moon’s tiara came to life once more, and it’s intensity tripled when the power of Sailor Mars’ fire and the ambiance of Sailor Mercury’s bubble merged with the boomerang for a triple attack.
And all that was left was a pile of dust and a pencil.
Sailor Moon - Castor and Pollux Redux
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Naoko Takeuchi.

This was a commission for kilkov87 who wanted a different take on the Senshi's battle with Castor and Pollux from episode 21.
“Okay, now I think it’s time to take this off the stovetop. And always remember to turn the stove completely off first and to wear oven mitts before you try lifting it or you’ll get burned.” Roy explained.
“Yeah, and then your hands’ll look like Freddy Krueger’s.” Lian grimaced.
“Hey, how do you know what Freddy Krueger’s hands looks like?” Roy asked. “Have you been sneaking into the living room to watch the late show again?”
“Nuh-uh, daddy, Grant was just watching it one day and I got curious.”
“He actually let you watch it?” Roy couldn’t believe this.
“I closed my eyes during the scary parts.” Lian assured him.
“Yeah, well, I’m gonna have a talk with Grant about that at some point.” Roy huffed. “Anyway, where was I?”
“You said you were gonna give me a million dollars.” Lian joked.
“Before that.” Roy just rolled with it. “Oh yeah, so, now I think we can add the brown sugar, beans, and Tabasco sauce. Ready?”
It was evening in Titans Tower, and Roy Harper (a.k.a. Arsenal), with help from his adorable daughter Lian, was offering to prepare a special dinner for some of his teammates (Donna Troy/Troia, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Wally West/Flash, and Tempest/Garth). Roy was making a batch of his mentor, Oliver Queen’s, infamous chili, along with a batch of Navajo fry bread. He’d been working on the chili all day to make sure that it came out perfectly, and Lian had been doing her best to help. Now, in a few minutes, they would finally get to serve it after adding a couple more touches to make the chili complete.
“You think this looks like enough brown sugar, hon?” Roy asked. The two Harpers carefully inspected the spoonful of brown crystals that was meant to be added to the chili.
“Maybe just a teeny bit more will be alright.” Lian put a lot of emphasis on “teeny.”
“My thoughts exactly.” After putting in the initial tablespoon, Roy added a bit more and stirred it in thoroughly.
“Can I get a taste?” Lian asked.
“Sure.” Roy took a spoonful from the pot, gently blew on it to make sure it didn’t burn Lian’s mouth, and gave it to her. Lian carefully tasted the chili, swallowed it, and then beamed at her father.
Roy looked extremely proud at the compliment.
“What was that?” Lian asked. She’d almost fallen off the chair before Roy caught her.
“Dunno.” Roy pulled out his communicator. “Yo, Wingman, what the heck are you guys doing?”
“Sorry Roy, but I think we might need some help. You got a minute?” Roy’s teammate Dick responded via the Titans communicator.
“Le sigh. Lian I’ll be right back, keep an eye on the chili, okay?”
“You can count on me, daddy.” Lian saluted her father.
“At ease, soldier.” Roy saluted back. He double-checked to make sure the oven was completely turned off before leaving the kitchen.
Lian fell off the chair this time, a few bottles of spices had been knocked over…
And Lian watched as the container of salt on the shelf above the chili tipped over, and a cascade of salt began to spill into the chili.
“Ahhh! No! Nononononono-“
Lian rushed to pull the chair back over to the kitchen counter and to stop the salt from ruining her father’s chili. Unfortunately, she wasn’t quick enough to reach it.
“The salt’s almost empty!” Lian gasped. “Oh no, daddy worked so hard on this what do I do?”
Lian looked over to the numerous containers of spices and chili powders Roy had left out on the counter. She had to work fast before Roy got back.
“Um let’s let’s see which did he use? Um, the chili powder, yeah! That’ll hide all the salt!”
Lian started vigorously adding in a certain blend of chili powder to the concoction. Somehow it felt like that wasn’t going to do the trick.
“Better use both, no, all of them. And maybe some of the cayenne and the, the cumin yeah, and where are the basil leaves I know they were-yeah! No that’s too much basil, where’s the cayenne?!”
As Lian haphazardly dumping in spices to try and cover up the damage the salt had done, she was sure she heard someone making their way towards the kitchen, so after quickly stirring around the extra touches she added to her father’s chili, she quickly dragged her chair back to where it was before and attempted to appear as if nothing had gone wrong.
“Yeesh, sorry ‘bout that princess.” Roy stopped when he saw Lian looked somewhat frazzled. “Hey, is everything alright?”
“Yeah! Of course. Everything’s fine daddy.” Lian quickly said with the best, least suspicious smile she could put on.
“Are you sure?” Roy placed a hand on her forehead. “You feel a little warm.”
“I’m just kinda excited about everyone getting to try Grandpa Ollie’s chili.” Lian brushed off her dad’s worry. “Maybe I’m a little scared they won’t like it.”
“Ah, don’t worry ‘bout it, child o’mine.” Roy kissed her on the forehead. “They’re gonna love it, you’ll see.”
“Ahaha, you’re right daddy.” Lian shifted in her seat.
“Wait’ll they get a load of this.” Roy said eagerly.

“I really don’t know what you were thinking, Wally.” Dick shook his head at his scarlet clad teammate, Wally West.
“It seemed like a good idea at the time, and I did manage to avoid all of them.” Wally tried to avoid blame.
“We still have to repair that wall.”
“Those photos you took of Cerdian turned out amazing, Donna. Dolphin absolutely loves them.” Garth complimented Donna.
“It was my pleasure. Cerdian’s such a joy to be around.” Donna glowed. “Are the three of you still taking that trip to Scotland?”
“End of the month.”
“Okay kids, soup’s on!”
Roy triumphantly placed the heavy pot of chili on the table. There were also bowls of oyster crackers, chopped onions, and different kinds of grated cheese to garnish the chili if someone felt like it. Lian stood behind Roy trying to hide the fact that she was very scared about the whole thing.
“I can’t believe we let you talk us into this.” Wally shook his head.
“Come on Wally, I’m sure all those stories about Green Arrow’s chili are exaggerations.” Donna said.
“Well, this is the first time I’ve had it, but I know Arthur never goes near the stuff. Not after last time.” Garth reminisced.
“That hot?” Wally asked.
“Well it’s the first time the Atlantean Royal Palace had a plumber from the surface world come down, if you-“
“Please just stop there.” Donna blushed as she laughed at the thought of what Garth was getting towards.
“I’ve tried it before.” Dick explained. “Believe me, after the first taste it’s not that bad.”
“Well gee, Short Pants, thanks for ruining the surprise.” Roy said as he finished handing out bowls for his teammates.
Lian had crawled up onto her seat and kept her head down low, staring at her bowl of what was originally her dad’s chili. Now… she didn’t know.
“Okay, you’ve all signed your life insurance policies and said goodbye to your loved ones, right?” Roy inquired. Everyone groaned at his bad joke. Lian blinked.
“Awright, awright, let’s dig in!”
Time seemed to have slowed down as Lian observed her father, her surrogate aunt and uncles begin to eat the chili. The spoons slowly inched towards their open mouths, when-
“Crap, I forgot the bread.” Roy suddenly remembered he’d left the fry bread in the kitchen. “Uno momento, guys. Lian, hold down the fort for me kay?”
“Um, o-okay daddy.” Lian whispered.
“Back in a sec.”
Lian watched her father leave, and then quickly turned back to Donna and the others. They all seemed to be thoroughly chewing their spoonfuls before Lian heard four loud gulps. She held her breath.
“That was it?” Garth asked.
“Yeah, that wasn’t really hot at all, was it?” Donna looked down at her bowl.
“Heh. So much for Green Ar-“
And then the screaming began.
“IT BURNS! WHY DOES IT BURN SO MUCH?!” Wally clutched at his face and tried to get his mask off.
“I’M BLIND! ALL I SEE IS WHITE!” Donna frantically waved her hands in front of her face. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her eyes looked painfully red.
Dick was holding onto his throat and seemed to be choking.

Garth had fallen out of his seat.
Lian looked terrified.
“Hey guys so the fry bread’s a little burnt but it’s not too bad if I do say so myself. Hope you don’t mind it on the crispy side.” Roy casually sauntered into the dining room holding a plate of somewhat blackened Navajo fry bread. “What’s everyone yelling a-“
“Oh God! My entire face is red!” Wally screamed at his reflection in the chili pot. It’s true. His bare skin had turned almost exactly the same shade of scarlet as his costume.
“Who said that?! Was it Wally?!” Donna shrieked, still waving her hands in front of her trying to sense what was going on. “Wait, wait my vision’s starting to come back. Garth, is that you on the floor?”
Roy didn’t blink. Donna’s eyes looked puffy and she couldn’t stop crying. Wally’s face had become indistinguishable to his costume. Dick appeared to be choking. Garth was on the floor convulsing. Lian looked horrified.
Roy set the bread down on the table, folded his arms across his chest, and looked thoroughly non-amused. He wasn’t buying the joke for a second.
“Ha ha, mi amigos. I know old Ol’s chili has got a reputation but seriously, you’re making Shatner look like an amateur.”
“What did you put in this?! Tar?” Wally had ripped off his mask and looked like he was having trouble breathing due to how badly he was sweating.
“Okay now you’re trying to hurt my feelings.” Roy pouted.
“Roy, I was literally BLIND for thirty seconds!” Donna’s eyes were red and puffy and tears ran down her cheeks. She had bent down and was trying to help Garth, who was on the floor and appeared to be convulsing.
“Et tu, Wonder Babe? Wait, you guys are being serious?” Roy’s expression had shifted from being faux hurt to being confused.
“DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE’RE NOT BEING SERIOUS?!” Wally almost got into Roy’s face and shouted that at him.
Roy was truly perplexed by the situation.
“I followed Ollie’s recipe exactly. It’s not THAT hot.”
“No, no way!” Dick finally spoke. It looked as if he’d been trying to fight back the urge to scream ever since that first faithful spoonful. “I’ve tried that man’s cooking and whatever THIS is, it’s definitely NOT his recipe!”
Lian shifted uncomfortable in her seat, while also trying to make sure she looked as tiny and unnoticeable as humanly possible.
“What the hell did you do, Roy?” Dick asked.
“I dunno.” Roy shrugged before he began scratching the back of his head, trying to think over what could have happened. He’d been so careful. “Maybe the pepper went bad or something? I’m sorry guys, I only wanted to do something nice-“
“WAAAAAA I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY EVERYONE I’M SORRY DADDYYYYYYYYY!” Lian, who had been silent throughout everything, couldn’t take the guilt much longer and threw herself at her father, burying her face in his leg.
“Lian! What are you talking about?” Roy asked his progeny as she began to spill her guts while also staining his pants with her tears.
“When you left the kitchen I saw the salt spill into your chili and by the time I got to it almost the whole thing had spilled in and so I tried to fix it with the spices n’ stuff you left out but I didn’t know what to do and I used too much and now everyone’s on fire and I KILLED UNCLE GILLHEAAAAAAAAAAAD!”
“Huh?” Someone said.
“N… not… Gillhead… Lian…” Donna had started to help Garth off the floor, and offered him a glass of milk. He looked very dehydrated.
“HE’S ALIVE!” Lian shouted with glee that she hadn’t committed unclecide, but then her lip began to quiver once more and she turned to her dad with tears beginning to manifest in the corners of her brown eyes. “But, but I still wrecked the chili and now everyone’s sick and it’s all my fault and I’m sorry daddy honest I didn’t mean to hurt anyone I swear!”
“Lian, Lian.” Roy soothed her and firmly placed his hands on her trembling shoulders. “Calm down, Etai Yazi. It’s okay.”
“But, but I-“
“Why didn’t you just tell me what happened?” Roy calmly asked her as he gently began wiping the tears from her eyes with a napkin.
“B-because you were working on this for so long and you wanted it to be perfect and I, I thought if I fixed it but I made everything worse and I’m sorry.” Lian’s chin quivered. She buried her face in her father’s chest and began to cry once more. Roy hugged her and tried to console her, but it wasn’t working. He looked to his friends, who were all very red faced and teary eyed. Surprisingly, though, he suddenly looked mad.
“Did the four of you have to start screaming just because the chili was a little hot?” Roy spoke through gritted teeth. He sounded practically venomous, and the glare he was giving off could’ve peeled the paint off a barn door. “You think maybe you could’ve just left the room instead of scaring my daughter out of her mind thinking you were dying?”
“Lian, honey, I, we, we’re sorry.” Donna apologized. “We shouldn’t have carried on like that.”
“Speak for your-“ Wally was cut off by Garth’s elbow to his stomach.
“No daddy don’t be mad at them this is my fault.” Lian took her face out of Roy’s midsection. Her eyes were almost as red as Donna’s.
“Lian, the next time something like this happens, you tell me, understand? It’s just chili. It’s not that big a deal.” Roy firmly told her. “But you have to be careful when preparing food, because sometimes too much of this or that really can hurt someone.”
“I-I know. I’m so sorry everybody.” Lian turned to Donna and the guys. “I-I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”
“I wanna see how hot this stuff is myself.” Roy adamantly spoke, and bravely grabbed a spoonful from his own bowl of chili.
“No Daddy don’t-“ Lian protested. The others looked terrified.
“Roy what are you doing stop!” Donna cried out.
Too late. Roy had swallowed a spoonful of the doctored chili with a single gulp. He didn’t blink. Everyone in the room held their breaths just as Lian had earlier.
“This… this…” Roy seemed shock. Lian closed her eyes, preparing herself for-
“This is AMAZING!”
“What?” Lian whispered.
“WHAT?!” The other four Titans cried out.
“This is way better than Ollie’s recipe!” Roy could hardly believe what he’d eaten. It was like heaven itself. “I never thought a thing was possible!”
“Y-you really think so?” Lian wiped her eyes.
“Lian, I want to make it very clear that not telling me about what happened was wrong, and also that YES. Oh my God you’re a genius!” Roy gushed and smothered his daughter in a bear hug.
“T-thank you, daddy!” Lian cried out from unexpected happiness.
“You HAVE to tell me exactly what you did, but we need to cut back on the salt.” Roy explained.
“Oh yeah, too much salt.” Lian agreed.
“H-how is this possible?” Wally stammered.
“All those years eating Green Arrow’s chili I, I think he must’ve built up an immunity to the heat.” Dick, a man who had trained with Batman himself, didn’t think he’d ever seen anything as scary as Roy eagerly wolfing down the chili his daughter had prepared.
“Here Lian, try it!” Roy happily gave Lian her bowl back. Lian did try it.
“Wow! That is amazing!”
“I know, right?!”
“I have never seen anything more horrifying in my entire life.” Garth whispered.
“Or adorable.” Donna sighed.
“Is there a word for that?” Wally asked.
“Adorifying.”  Dick responded.

“-and that’s how daddy and I invented our chili recipe!”
Lian had finished explaining the story to Iris and Jai West. The twins were spending the evening at the Harper household. They were inside the living room while Roy put Lian’s baby brother Tommy down for a nap before he got started on dinner.
“Donna didn’t really go blind, did she?” Iris asked.
“Yeah, no one’s skin actually turned red, did they?” This was Jai’s follow up question to his sister’s.
“Well…” It was true Lian had embellished a little bit in a few certain areas, but the majority of the story was true. “More or less that’s what happened.”
“Hey, how’s it hanging mi compadres?” Roy stuck his head into the living room to see how things were going.
“Hi daddy, is dinner ready?” Lian ran up to her dad.
“Just about. C’mon in guys, you can help set the table.” Roy motioned to the Wests.
“Cool, um, what are we having?” Iris asked.
Roy and Lian shot each other a conspiratorial glance.
“Oh, you know…” Lian trailed off.
“A favorite of ours.” Roy chuckled.
Iris and Jai gulped as Roy and Lian headed into the dining room, and then the kitchen, ahead of them.
“Should we tell them it’s pizza yet?” Roy whispered as the two Harpers watched Iris and Jai set the table in the dining room.
“Nah, not yet.” Lian giggled.
“You’re so evil, hon.” Roy ruffled her hair. “Makes a father proud.”
“I try, daddy. I try.”
Fab Five/Lian Harper: A Chili Reception
Disclaimer: Characters owned by DC Comics.

This is a gift I wrote for a friend whom has done a few drawings for me.

This is also a story idea I've held on to for a few years that originated as a Christmas story, but I could just never get around to finishing it.

Roy is preparing a chili dinner using Green Arrow's recipe, but Lian ends up having to lend a hand when the chili accidentally gets ruined.


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