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I was contacted by a writer on tumblr to edit their short novel. I finished the edits a couple of weeks ago but was waiting to hear back from the author if I did a decent job before I did any celebrating.
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I spent most of my formative years not knowing what the Hell I was and deluding myself into thinking I was straight. Then I thought I was gay. Then I thought I was asexual. Now I don’t know if I’m asexual, demisexual, or just a confused freak.

I don’t know if my sexual identity is just fluid or if it’s always been like this and I never realized it until lately, but I’m tired of having to reapply labels or having to feel like I need to reapply labels to whatever it is I am.

I don’t want to be considered part of any spectrum.

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I felt I must've at some point.

Anyway, this is regarding my previous entry. I've been sexually assaulted twice in my life, once in middle school and once in high school.

While attending Mt. Saint Michael, I was molested by three boys who weren't much older than I was, and at the time I was either 10 or 11. During the ride home on the school bus, the three of them forced my faces into their laps, their crotch regions. There was no penetration or anything like that, but it was still a horrible experience because no one would help me. I was crying, scared out of mind and screaming for help, and the rest of the kids (and these buses were shared with the high schoolers) were laughing at me. It wasn't until the boys finished and saw how terrified I was that they either realized they did something awful... or more like realized how fucked they were. Of course, they were never punished, save for the principal threatening to expel them if anything like that happened again. And yes, I spent the rest of middle school there.

While in Salesian High, a boy named Darryl inappropriately touched me twice during my 12th grade art class. He poked his fingers into my ass, almost like, I'm disgusted to admit, he was trying to finger me. Of course he just thought he was being hilarious. Darryl was one of the many, MANY classmates of mine who used 'Gay' as an insult. Well, he tried touching me a third time and I responded by smacking him in the face. He spent the rest of the class demanding I apologize, refusing to leave my side and refusing to shut the fuck up. The art teacher never told him to sit back down. Despite people congratulating me for hitting him (my math teacher asked to shake my hand), none of the teachers bothered to ask me why I did. That's probably why I didn't tell them what he'd done, figuring they wouldn't have cared. Just like no one seemed to care when I was assaulted in Mt. Saint Michael.
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Hey. So… despite how often I commission heavyset related artwork of Arsenal, Lightning Lad, whoever, I feel I don’t talk enough about my sexual identity and my fetish. So I wanted to change that a bit.

I still consider myself a sex-repulsed individual, and whether or not that has to do with my sexual assault I don’t know. I can watch some sex scenes in movies and TV, but they don’t do anything for me. I can’t think of myself having sex or performing sex acts. It makes me uncomfortable to do so and I can’t do it for too long unless I force myself to. It’s not pleasant. And yes, I’m fine remaining a virgin.

To that end, I’m still not interested in dating or going out no matter what a person’s intentions. I don’t mind hanging out with friends, or hugs, but I’m not interested in late night dinners or movies, going to clubs or dancing, nightcaps, moments of physical intimacy whatever they may be. I cringe at the thought. I’ve accepted a kiss once from someone, I don’t mind that I accepted it or that I didn’t freak out, but that’s it for me. Please.

I don’t like looking at sexual imagery of men’s dicks, whether we’re talking about photos or artwork. I cringe when I see guys with huge, erect penises masturbating or coming. The way it’s exaggerated in most art I’ve seen all I can think is how painful it must be. Please don’t ask me whether or not I masturbate I don’t want to get into that. And no, I’m not open to receiving dick pics in order to test my limits or anything like that. Please respect my boundaries.

I’d have to say my kink is fairly harmless if it could be described as that, but it doesn’t extend to men or people in real life. I’ve never felt attraction of any kind to anyone I’ve ever met or seen in my real, daily life. My fetish is for fictional male or masculine characters with heavyset body types. Chubby, fat, heavyset, beefy, bara, however it’s called.

I’m not into feeding situations, force feeding, situations involving tubes or funnels, indigestion, bloating from drinking, inflation, gain to the point of immobility, or any sex acts involving weight, food, or drink. I’m also adverse to artwork with excessive body hair, but that’s not as severe as my other aversions. I’d prefer clean bodies overall though, and I prefer them to be in clothes that fit instead of being shoved into small shorts or undershirts because that also looks painful to me.

As to what I DO look for in my kink: I tend to be very specific when I’m commissioning a character with a rounder body type. I’ll try to think of a reasonable head canon to what size they’d be based on their personalities and physical sizes. As to my default size, I prefer the following in art or stories: round, solid looking bellies that hang over the guy’s pants, non-exaggerated soft pectorals, thick/meaty arms and legs, and a round face with a double chin. Less flabby or more full/meaty, basically very big and round. I don’t mind the guy being in a shirt where it doesn’t cover the belly button though. I’m perfectly fine with the guy having a mix of muscle and fat, but nothing too extreme or exaggerated. I don’t go for that steroid abuse look.

In stories I’m not interested in ones where it’s all about the character getting fat, but I do like comics or episodes where the character gradually gets heavier throughout the story for whatever reason (but again, within limits). I just try to avoid extremes. I’m more for fluff pieces, stuff about clothes not fitting right or realizing they’ve put on a few pounds. I’m fine with cuddling, trying to get pants on, characters pressing their guts up against each other, but nothing sexual.

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The two girls were lounging in an empty classroom, the door wide open. Both of them third years, the pale girl with the long and straight snow white hair was reading a Muggle magazine called “Entertainment Weekly” while the dark skinned girl with wavy, jet black hair scribbled away on a large blank pad.
“Oh I forgot to tell you, I got my Muggle Studies essay back today.” The white haired-girl, Nicole, pulled some roles of parchment.
“Oh yeah?” Gold, the black-haired girl, stopped sketching and looked towards her friend.
“Professor Burbage thinks I’m showing improvement.” Nicole handed the parchment over while she flipped a page in the magazine. “She especially liked the paragraph about why Muggles could make pictures on television sets move but not in actual photographs. I’m gonna write to Mum about it.”
“What do you think she’ll say?” Gold asked, scanning over the essay.
“That she has no daughter.” Nicole responded in a very casual manner.
“Any more chips?”
“Help yourself.” Nicole held the bag towards her, but then noticed a large bandage over her friend’s right hand. “What happened there?”
“Fanged geranium bite in Herbology, no big deal.” Gold shrugged and answered with her mouth full. “Tripped and ripped off a petal by accident. How’s this look?” She held up the pad to show Nicole what she’d been working on.
“Oh that’s excellent.”
“You think? I was worried I’d gotten your nose too long.” Gold set the pad down, reached into her bag, and pulled out a set of colored pencils. “Now what colored jewelry did you say you wa-”
The two looked up and saw whom they believed to be Ron Weasley running past the classroom looking scared out of his wits.
“RONALD WEASLEY I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!” Bellowed Hermione Granger. Her bushy brown hair looking even messier then it usually did, and her eyes were aflame with the light of homicidal rage as she chased after Weasley.
“Don’t kill him Hermione because I’m gonna do it!” Came, non-surprisingly, Harry Potter, chasing after the other two Gryffindor students and looking only slightly less angry than Hermione as he did.
A large stomping noise shook the ground and knocked the girls out of their seats. This was then followed by an ominous roar that rattled the windows in the classroom and knocked books and papers off shelves.
The Slytherin and Gryffindor girl, both on the floor, blinked.
“Well I was thinking silver and green would fit best.” Nicole carried on, as if this was an everyday occurrence.
“But you’re always complaining you hate your house.” Gold reminded her.
“I hate my house I don’t hate green and silver.”
“So is that emerald, jade, or malachite?”

Muttering to himself, he wondered just when, exactly, this fine institution for hallowed learning had begun its descent down the drain.
“I’m gonna kill ‘em, this time. Rip their heads off, I will.”
From head to toe he smelled like toilet water and cleaning solution, and no matter what he did, he couldn’t get his wet, matted hair out of his face. He cursed the day Molly and Arthur Weasley ever gave birth to those two little Antichrists.
“That toilet’s never going to be usable again. Never!”
Filch then began muttering curses to Dumbledore for ever letting them into Hogwarts in the first place.
“Back in my day if you ever cursed a toilet to spout out curse words you’d be whipped from head to toe.”
Filch’s (only) confidant and friend, a mangy and coarse cat called Mrs. Norris, rubbed up against his leg in agreement as Filch trudged up the stairway soaking wet from the boys bathroom.
“And the walls! I spent three hours cleaning those walls! Cleanest walls in Britain! And then those two, it’s not even a clever limerick!” Filch scowled. He was almost near the portrait into the Gryffindor Tower to try and find Fred and George Weasley (and then rip their heads off), when the younger Weasley boy ran past Filch, followed by his usual partners in crime Granger and Potter.
“You told me to stir it clockwise!” Weasley screamed.
“You! Weasley! I want a word with you!” Filch screamed after them, but they didn’t seem to hear him.
“I told Harry he was supposed to stir it clockwise!” Granger was trying to get her hands on his throat.
“Well then why were you looking at me when you said it?!”
“I was standing behind her!” Potter shouted over Granger’s head.
“Well I didn’t know!”
“I AM TALKING TO YOU, BOY!” Filch was livid. “Hey, you get back her-“
Filch was cut off by the arrival of something HUGE and BROWN, covered in scales and swinging a massive tale as it followed after the three miscreants.
Filch and Mrs. Norris stared straight ahead for a moment, before finally, he turned on his heel and went marching back down the steps, muttering about deciding to take another shot at that swearing toilet.

The Gryffindor common room was abuzz with usual weekend activity. The Weasley twins were experimenting with some new prank, Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil were working on their dream journals for Divination, and Neville Longbottom was wondering if he’d remembered to do the wrong assignment for Transfiguration when the power trio had suddenly rushed into the common room. Instantly, all eyes were on Hermione, Harry, and Ron, as they seemed out of breath and seriously startled by something.
“Did we lose it?” Harry said, trying to catch his breath.
“I think so.” Hermione took out a handkerchief and wiped some sweat from her forehead. “But we need to tell someone.”
“No, no we don’t.” Ron quickly said. “We don’t have to do anything.”
“We can’t just leave that thing out there!”
“Guys.” Harry said.
“Well then why were we running in the first place?” Ron asked.
“Because I was trying to kill you!” Hermione yelled. “Which reminds me-“
“Oh like it’s my fault!”
“It is your fault! I said the blue-green bottle not the green-blue bottle!” Hermione reminded him.
“It’s the same color!”
“And you read the incantation wrong!”
“I read it perfectly!”
“Manifestia has FIVE syllables, not four!” Hermione held up her hand to show off five fingers.
“Okay so maybe I might not have said every syllable,” Ron motioned with his hands as he said “syllables” before continuing to say “But I still thi-“
“GUYS!” Harry screamed as he made Ron and Hermione turn to face their captive audience.
The trio stopped shouting long enough to turn and face their housemates. Fred and George, Lavender and Parvati, Neville, as well as Ginny Weasley, the girls on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Dean Jordan, Seamus Finnigan, Colin Creevey, and a few others were now facing directly towards Hermione, Harry, and Ron. Even Nearly Headless Nick,
“What’s up, guys?” Ginny asked oh-so innocently.
“Oh!” Ron blanked.
“Um, nothing.” Harry quickly straightened his glasses out so they weren’t hanging off his nose.
“Nothing at all, really.” Hermione tried to straighten out her hair so she could appear semi-collected. “Except, well…”
“Yes?” Pretty much everyone seemed to say in unison.
“We may have a, well a small thing to worry about.” Hermione fidgeted as she said that while Ron and Harry looked guilty. Ginny narrowed her eyes at her brother while Fred and George seemed a little amused.
“Not really that small.” Ron muttered.
“Shh!” Hermione nudged him.
That’s when they heard the portrait of the Fat Lady say “Pass-AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” Before it sounded as if something had been ripped off its hinges.
“Wh-what was that?” Neville asked.
“What was what?” Ron innocently responded.
As if in response, just about everyone the trio was looking at suddenly jumped out of their seats and backed up against the far wall, including Nick (who seemed to forget he was dead and therefore couldn’t be hurt).
Ron gulped as he saw a big, black shadow drape over Harry, Hermione, and himself. Steeling herself, Hermione stood up straight as she, Harry, and Ron turned to face the intruder into Gryffindor House.
Towering over the three young Gryffindors was what Harry assumed, from old pictures he’d seen back when he was still a student in Muggle schools, to be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a long thought extinct lizard. Its skin and scales were a brownish color, its claws and talons were inky black, and the eyes were a shade of yellow similar to the depictions of Basilisks found in certain text books.  Also similar to a Basilisk were the creature’s great, big, horrifying knife-like teeth.
“…I didn’t read the words right.” Ron admitted.
The lizard smiled.
“Well I’m happy you admitted that Ron.” Harry patted his shoulder.
“Yes thank you.” Hermione added.
Then the T-Rex roared.

“This is the third time this month, all over the plants in-“
“I’ve bin doin’ my best ter-“
“The poor Mandrakes have been traumatized it’s a difficult time-“
“Like adolescence ain’t a tough time fer us-“
“Professors I believe it would be better if this were settled in an office not out-WHAT IN HEAVEN’S NAME?!”
A group of Gryffindor students, not surprisingly including a number of the Weasley children, seemed to be in battle with a very large and angry lizard stomping through the halls of the castle.
Harry Potter was on the creature’s head, trying to hold its mouth shut, while Hermione Granger kept attempting to hex the beast. Ron Weasley was holding on to the thing’s neck and kept sliding around like a sloth on a tree branch. Harry had now stuck his wand in the beast’s nostril.
Fred and George Weasley were being dragged on the floor as they held on to a length of rope they had conjured in what seemed to be an attempt to trip the monster.
Ginny Weasley was dragging Neville Longbottom (who’d sustained a large head injury) out of harm’s way while Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown were bewitching books to hit the creature in the head. It would’ve helped if they actually looked up as they were doing it, because the books were hittin everyone else as much as they were hitting the creature. Ginny Weasley was now using her free hand to conjure a shield charm to stop the books from doing Neville and herself any more damage.
Alicia Spinnet and Katie Bell had bewitched some Quidditch balls to bludgeon the creature while Angelina Johnson, who was not normally a Bludger, had both bats in her hands and was trying to beat the creature away. A number of smaller students were holding on to the lizard’s large tail, which kept swinging back and forth. Lee Jordan had finally fallen off and went flying into another room.
“Will someone please do something about the tail before he kills someone?!”
“Oh because it’s not like the tail’s the only thing we have to worry about, right?!”
“Ron I have to say George and I are VERY impressed right now!”
“This is exactly what my dream was about last night!”
“Go for the eye! Go for the eye! NOT MY EYE!”
“Harry look this way! You keep moving!”
“NOT NOW COLIN!” Everyone screamed.
“Great now smile!”
Professor McGonagall, Professor Sprout, and Hagrid the groundskeeper stopped dead in their tracks at this “scuffle” before them. McGonagall’s hands shook, as did the books in her hand, and she looked as if she was about to have a heart attack.
“Excuse us Professors!” Hermione asked as she kept firing defensive spells to try and stop the creature.
“Miss Granger!” McGonagall’s voice had sudde Miss, what, what is the-“
“Little bit of Potions homework that got out of hand, sorry!” Ron apologized.
“What’re you lot thinkin’?!” Hagrid admonished the Gryffindor students. “Having all this fun and no’ invitin’ me!”
And with that Hagrid had jumped into the Gryffindor/T-Rex mayhem while the other two professors stood where they were. It was… well words kind of fail to describe the situation.
Sprout turned to McGonagall, who, uncharacteristically, was still holding on to her stack of her books. It seems she was in shock.
“Minerva, do you want me to…” Sprout motioned to the books.
“If you wouldn’t mind.” McGonagall spoke.
Sprout knocked the books out of her hands.
“Yes thank you Pomona.” McGonagall cleared her throat. Her shock appeared to be temporary. “Excuse me.” And with that Professor McGonagall whipped out her wand and threw herself into the fray.
“How come these things never happen to MY house?” Sprout wondered.
“Now THIS is how you put ‘em in a headlock!”
HP: When You Mess With Reptiles
Disclaimer: Characters belong to J.K. Rowling

I've never really done Harry Potter fan fiction before, but this was based on a piece of fan art a friend of mine did.

Seen here:…

The girls from the beginning, Gold Shawson and Nicole Laurette, are fan characters of mine in case you were wondering.


United States
Current Residence: Bronx, NY
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Anime Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: Photorealism, Animation
Favourite cartoon character: Utena, Lightning Lad, Harley Quinn, Oyuki, Priss Asagiri, Batman, Daria, Duela Dent, Sailor Jupiter
I was contacted by a writer on tumblr to edit their short novel. I finished the edits a couple of weeks ago but was waiting to hear back from the author if I did a decent job before I did any celebrating.
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